Paula Luciani receives congratulations from CFA Institute!

Dear Paula Luciani,

When investment professionals strive to uphold the highest standards of competency and ethics and to stay current with the latest industry standards and research, they demonstrate that they understand the importance of continuous professional development. This not only raises the profile of their firm, but it better serves the needs of their clients and sets a higher standard of excellence industry-wide.

It is with great pleasure that I, on the behalf of the Board of Governors, recognize Paula for voluntarily attesting to the CFA Institute Continuing Education (CE) Program in 2016. The CE Program recognizes members that earn a minimum of 20 hours of CE credit, including 2 hours in the content areas of Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER), each calendar year. To date, Paula has participated in 9 year(s) of consecutive continuing education.
Investors deserve to be served by professionals who stay on the cutting edge of the investment management profession, and stand out from their peers so I applaud those who remain dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of investment knowledge and to maintaining integrity in our constantly changing and competitive profession.
Please join me in congratulating Paula on this achievement!


Paul Smith, CFA
President and CEO, CFA Institute

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Charter Research Celebrates 26th Anniversary as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Paula Luciani, President and Founder, reflected on the many factors which contributed to the firm’s success. “Underlying them all is an unwavering commitment to care for our clients. As we grew, we made certain that our philosophy and culture mirrored those of the clients we serve.” 
“We are hardworking, focused and passionate, steeped in tradition but always looking towards the future for new opportunities. These principles have helped our team evolve and grow to be lifelong advisors to our clients over these 25 years.” 
Founded in 1988, Charter Research & Investment Group, Inc., one of Connecticut’s first woman-owned money management firms, registered with the state and SEC in 1990. Ms. Luciani’s expertise in investment research and portfolio management became Charter’s foundation. 
“Twenty-five years is a major milestone for our firm”, said Patrick Clark, Principal. “The changes that have taken place in the financial services industry and technology over the past 25 years have been enormous. We look forward to the opportunities the future will bring and the continued evolution of Charter.” 

About Charter Research & Investment Group, Inc.: 
Charter is a Southport, CT based Fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm focused on the unique needs of individual clients and committed to providing an uncompromised level of personal service for high net-worth individuals. The firm offers investment management services including customized portfolio and trust management as well as fiduciary consulting. For additional information, 
visit or call 203-259-4004.