Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to achieve a consistent and attractive rate of return throughout various market cycles without assuming unnecessary risk.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Process

Our investment process seeks to manage risk and preserve capital throughout various market cycles. Utilizing individual stocks, we emphasize the quality of the investment versus market timing while employing a disciplined approach to accumulating positions in companies that offer attractive growth and/or value opportunities. This approach enables us to maintain a rational attitude throughout volatile market cycles.

Equal in importance to the selection of an equity investment is the allocation of assets and portfolio diversification. It is our belief that over time, asset allocation and portfolio diversification will have a far greater impact on portfolio returns than the choice of one stock over another.

As balanced portfolio managers, we believe that fixed income and cash form an integral part of an investment strategy, and at times, can offer better relative value than other asset classes.

We believe that the allocation of each client’s assets must be determined on an individual basis to reflect the long-term objectives of each client and risk tolerance.

To ensure that the structure of clients’ portfolios continues to reflect their objectives, it is imperative that each account be actively monitored and reviewed. We consider frequent communication and the regular exchange of ideas and information with our clients an important part of the investment process and emphasize the accessibility of our principals as a key component of the process.

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