Equity Investment Strategy

Our “bottom-up” investment process incorporates three elements: quantitative, qualitative and technical analysis.

Our analysis of these elements forms the basis of our stock selection and leads to the determination of various sector weightings within a portfolio. Within this context, we look for stocks with attractive growth and/or value potential.

Quantitative Analysis

An assessment of specific investment factors, such as cost of capital, value of assets, and projections of sales, costs, earnings and profits.

Qualitative Analysis

Analysis that evaluates important factors that cannot be precisely measured, such as management’s innovativeness and expertise, market opportunities and leadership position.

Technical Analysis

Analysis based on market data such as price charts, volume, relative strength, open interest, etc.

Equity allocation and stock selection is based on the result of our analysis of the above three elements as well as client objectives and tolerance for risk. However, we attempt to diversify across various industry sectors, asset classes and investment styles to avoid over weighting one particular industry or sector

We may utilize no-load mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to fulfill the non-correlated component of our investment strategy.

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